Effects Of Surrogacy

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Many adults yearn to add to their lives by having or adopting children. When people are unable to adopt or to bear children, perhaps because of illness, infertility, or disability, they might enter into a business relationship called commercial surrogacy. This term describes the practice of paying an unrelated woman, also called a surrogate mother, a sum of money for carrying the child. The would-be parents also pay the birth mother 's medical costs. Commercial surrogacy is seen by some families as the answer to their dreams.Others, however, see the practice as nothing other than buying babies. Celebrity couples in the United States who have built their families through surrogate mothers include Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Kanye and Kim…show more content…
First, there are dangers to the surrogate mother’s health. Pregnancy is a natural process, but it undeniably carries health risks. Surrogates in Nepal often come from poor rural areas of India, and “they have few protections if the agency refuses to pay them or if they get sick or injured” (Abrams). In cases of miscarriage, too, they are left without support (Abrams).pathos The health of the newborn baby is another concern. Sushma Swaraj, India 's foreign minister considers this a legal and ethical problem. ethos As the head of “a panel that examined the legal and ethical issues involved in commercial surrogacy and drafted the bill”, Swaraj said that “ ‘ It is a matter of great worry because there were instances where a girl child or disabled child have been abandoned soon after birth’ ”(Lakshmi). The children born into this kind of situation are routinely abandoned, because no one is willing to take custody of them.pathos Second, the contracts surrogate mothers sign do not adequately protect their legal rights, often because they do not understand the contracts they sign (Rama). The industry of surrogacy is big business, estimated to bring in $400 million to India each year (Rama).logos Clearly someone is benefiting from the arrangement, but probably not the surrogate mothers. In addition, the surrogate mothers are not suitably protected from fraud. They might carry the…show more content…
The young women who are hiring themselves out as surrogates often do so because they don’t have other clear and dependable options like education and employment (Lakshmi). Girls’ education is poorly funded and unavailable to many girls and young women in many nations where surrogacy has become a problem. To work toward a practical and ethical solution, new literacy efforts are evolving throughout India via small organizations like Pratham, whose mission is “every child in school and learning well”, while Round Table India claims to have built one classroom a day for the last 10 years, including a new community school serving an isolated tribal village (Willen) logos. Other programs focus on computer literacy, such as a summer coding camp that “is introducing Indian girls to computers, while new performance-based contracts known as social impact bonds are being introduced to improve learning and get more girls in schools” (Willen)I call upon my classmates to seek information about both Pratham and Round Table India. I am providing their web addresses here. Both organizations are indirectly doing exactly the demanding work required to stop commercial surrogacy in India. Both organizations welcome your interest, and both can use our support. Perhaps one day we will contribute the funds needed to build one of the many schools being built by Round Table
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