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Normally when people think about a concussion they don’t take it as serious as they probably should, and don’t realize how many different ways you can get one. Parents have a tendency to get so caught up in watching their kids play on those Friday nights that they don’t usually pay attention to their child’s health and well being. Normally when they hear the word concussion they think a few days of rest will be enough, which leads me to believe they don’t know the true definition of a concussion. Your probably asking what a concussion actually is. A somewhat clear spinal fluid inside the skull surrounds your brain, it would normally act as a cushion to support the brain. When someone takes a hard blow to the head, the brain shakes and smashes…show more content…
A boy named Eric from North Allegheny loved the sport so much he hadn’t told people when he wasn’t feeling the best. He had gotten a couple concussions before and followed doctors orders, but the biggest season of his life was coming up and couldn’t stand not being able to play and hear the crowd chant his name. After taking a few more blows he had gotten more concussions, but didn’t bother to tell any of his family or friends. They had noticed him acting completely different and wondered what was going on. Then one night at the dinner table he started having a seizure midsentence. His parents said his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he clenched his fist, he had dies from a massive brain swell seconds after (rollingstone.com). The risk of not taking care of concussions is too great.
Concussions have become a main topic in everyday life and probably need to be watched a little closer throughout all the main contact sports. New technology has given us the advantage of knowing when someone has take a blow a little bit harder than excepted and helps to know when a child needs to stop. Every parent need to pay a little bit closer to how they’re child is feeling than how they are paying, their life just might be on the

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