Essay On Discrimination Against Women

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Fight for Your Right! Have you ever heard this saying “Never judge a book by its cover?” So, why do we, as individuals, judge the person according to his sex!? To judge people on how they look, how they act, how they dress, and according to their age, religion, race, or gender is what we know as discrimination. Discrimination starts in the mind and then becomes a natural habit humans have in their everyday lives. Discrimination is not only an issue that everyone has concerns about but also a serious problem affecting women mainly. Why is discrimination directed towards women? Discrimination against women is not just discrimination against a person; it is discrimination against families as well. Who would want a mother, a wife or a sister…show more content…
Women don’t have the right to freely choose their career; they are obliged to accept work according to the known traditional women’s work. Women don’t have their full right to benefit from the job’s services. According to Discrimination against women: The convention and the committee (1993), “Women in the workplace must be protected from discrimination based on marital status or maternity.” (para.9). Governments should provide specific measures against violence for women in their workplace. Women have taken the role of a mother, a housewife, and nurture; they are stereotyped to work at home, cook, and take care of the children. But when it comes to women working outside home, they are considered to be self-centered and selfish while in fact some women are better and capable of reaching higher levels in the work field than men; so, is this accepted? In addition, women do same jobs as men but receive lower wages. When it comes to payment in work field, they look on the gender of the person rather than on the number of hours they spend working or on the type of this work. According to Discrimination Against Women (n.d.), “Strides have certainly been made to improve the work place for women, but their potential still goes largely untapped.” (para. 2). Women in the work field are productive and responsible as much as
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