Speech On Drug Trafficking

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A drug is a chemical substance, that has known biological effects not only on humans, but also on animals. In present days, it is seen that people, especially young youths are been addicted to psychoactive drugs.Psychoactive drugs are those that affect the function of nervous system, altering perception mood or consciousness. Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are the most widely used psychoactive drugs worldwide.

June 26 is celebrated as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking every year. It is an exercise undertaken by the world community to sensitize the people in general and the youth in particular, to the menace of drugs. The picture is grim if the world statistics on the drugs scenario is taken into account. With a turnover of around $500 billions, it is the third largest business in the world, next to petroleum and arms trade. About 190 million people all over the world consume one drug or the other. Drug addiction causes immense human distress and the illegal production and distribution of drugs have spawned crime and violence worldwide. Today, there is no part of the world that is free from the curse of drug trafficking and drug addiction. Millions of drug addicts, all over the world, are leading miserable lives, between life and death.

Illicit drugs have poisoned the shadows of India for a long time. And those huddled in the shadows are increasingly young. In our country an overwhelming majority of those addicted to illicit drugs like
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