Electric Cars Informative Speech

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Feel like saving a couple bucks, how about hundreds? I have chosen to do my informative speech on the impact of Electric Cars on the automotive industry, the environment, the economy, and society today. Electric cars have formed a large scale impact on the automotive industry itself, providing a lot more options for people looking for a car. The environment is helped by these cars because there are less emissions produced by these cars as opposed to traditional gas. The economy has changed as a result of this because the cars do not require gasoline fill ups to run, but electric bills will rise as a result of charging. Society has benefited as well, providing a more diverse selection of automobiles, offering a more upfront cost and a lower…show more content…
A lot of people love to hear about energy efficient and environmentally friendly options out there. The electric vehicles today serve great benefits in keeping emissions down and using a more friendly alternative energy source. In my opinion they have made an impact on the environment, but a major benefit in using this alternative resource is less cost to fuel the vehicle. Gasoline is very expensive today, and using the energy that is used to power our home, is much less expensive and more available than gas. The environment, as claimed by environmentalists, suffers due to the emissions of automobiles today. Many laws, and restrictions have been passed over the last few decades, restricting manufactures to specific requirements for their emissions, vehicles in general, and even the gasoline that they run on, with requirements for detergents and such,. Unfortunately, it is claimed that these systems don’t have big enough impact on lowering the environmental problem, due to the amount of vehicles out there. Luckily, since electric vehicles are becoming more affordable, practical, and appealing, the amount of problems associated with the amount of claimed pollution will…show more content…
They have introduced a whole new way of travel in the world, a much cheaper, friendlier, and overall more practical way. These cars make for a perfect way to save money in the long run, keep down your impact on the environment, and give yourself a status symbol that you have one of the most innovative machines on the market. These cars have also impacted the car industry, society, and the economy
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