Speech On Endangered Animals

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Millions of animal species are endangered because people kill animals, people do not take time to care for them, and people do not understand the meaning of endangered animals. Animals cannot do anything about what happened to them, because studies show that animals do not understand what humans do. Since the animals do not understand what is going on people need to help them out, and support how they react to the economy. Throughout history, animals are becoming more endangered as the years go on, because of how people treat their economy and how they treat the species around their area. The problem with this society is that people would rather go on with their days than use ten minutes to help save an animals life.
There are many endangered
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“When a species is threatened, it is a warning that there is a problem of some kind that puts its survival at risk” (Endangered Species: Facts). Something a scientist does is they compare the habitat over time, and people try to determine what the species need to be able to survive over time (Endangered Species: Facts). Scientist try to figure out what type of culture different species live, by the climate, landscape, and how they eat (Endangered Species: Facts). If people see that animals are treated people recommend to help those species, because animals are very important to our way of life (Endangered Species: Facts). Once they discover how the animals are being threatened they will try to prevent them from becoming endangered (Endangered Species: Facts). The next level right before extinction is endangered animals, and it is very different than threatened animals. Endangered animals is when an animal species starts to get less populated, and their conditions of living become very hard means they are becoming endangered animals (Endangered Species: Facts). Once an animal reaches endangerment, then people need to take caution when they are near any of those animals (Endangered Species: Facts). When an animal becomes endangered, than people have no idea how long these animals have till they will be lost forever (Endangered Species: Facts). The reason why species become endangered is because their habitat is lost, animals have competition when it comes to eating, and pollution in our economy (Endangered Species: Facts). If people tried to reduce the pollution and did not take land that did not belong to them, than some animals would not be endangered to this day (Endangered Species: Facts). “As of May 2017, the U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service lists 2,392 animals as endangered worldwide” (Endangered Species: Facts). With that huge number,
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