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My topic is about how English has become the most important language for people. My task is based on part1 (_____________________). This speech was basically to target students and to make them know how they are forgetting their mother tongue and giving more priority to English. I have chosen speech format as I think speaking in front people makes me more confident and strong enough to convey my emotions. What made me influence to write a speech on this topic is the speech by bejoy peter.
What inspired me is how schools are preferring more English and how English is been taught in depth than their mother language, which is making a vast difference between previous generations and current generations. This is influencing students to learn English
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As we know English is one of the most popular language in the world and have grabbed all the hearts of the people to learn it. It’s the only language which is most speak able and little bit everybody knows how to speak it. Even I love to speak English but I love my mother tongue more which is Hindi. Now days everyone’s opinions are changing and people are switching from their culture to another. Language is the best example for this. People are preferring English more than their mother language. As they think for communication English is must…show more content…
I think this biased nature is same seen in the speech of the importance of the English. Learning English has many advantages as now days’ people are getting jobs outside and to communicate they require English as also it makes them easy to communicate. This tells the importance of the English, the knowledge we gain, the entrainment we have and make our work easier. It is the only language in the world which has taken many words from the other languages and is always in touch with them however this is the only language which has actually contributed to the death of language and in fact that made many languages and cultures undesirable. The speech tells how we have subtitles in the other language’s movies so that anyone who is of not that nation can understand that easily. I agree with this as it makes people understand the movie easily but this is biased as only English people or people who knows English understand the movie and not the other nation’s people. This is all over the world so it’s not only the fault of one
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