Speech On Environmental Pollution

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Through the years, our environment is taking more damage, because of our constant use of the limited resources. Pollution is a main threat to our only world because it destroys the living environment and harm us humans, but some other finds it favorable in technology and development to make our lives easier. In other words, pollution is a double-edge sword that has many favorable and unfavorable consequences.
Environmental pollution is a topic that constantly appears with many subtopics and issues, but it is also the most forgettable word because no one realizes the damage and the many adverse effects.
Each day that passes, the pollution keeps increasing, and pollute the environment that in a way it becomes unsafe to live in. Through the
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Pollution isn’t only, caused by pollution alone, but it’s also caused by the humans that throw garbage and chemicals out. Believe it or not, but garbage that’s dumped into the rivers or the oceans is a factor in water pollution. The reason why the garbage is dangerous is that it isn’t any normal garbage, but its industrial waste that contains toxic and some of them even contains radiations. It often occurs in poor countries because they don’t have many effective measurements against garbage dump, therefore, the pollution has become the leading cause of death. Another factor is pesticides and fertilizers that often is used in agriculture, but it has its upsides and downsides, it increases and protects the crops, on the other hands it can cause dead zones and damage the consumers, as the humans and the…show more content…
Every year air pollution claims millions of lives, according to a research conducted by WHO (World health organization), air pollution is responsible for over 3.5 million deaths from indoor pollution and 3.3 million by outdoor air pollution, more than AIDS and malaria combined . If air pollution concentration gets higher, it will worsen the greenhouse effect that is caused by when Carbon dioxide created and a barrier that prevents the heat from escaping into space. Air pollution is one of the causes of the global warming that has many hazardous effects, and one of them is climate change. Due to the greenhouse effect, the unusual weather is found all around the world, hurricanes are getting stronger, more flooding and stronger heat and some other places experience less rain. The ice from Greenland, Antarctic, is melting and because of that the global sea level has risen tremendously, is nearly double that of the last century. Global warming, it’s all caused by us humans. If this continues it, can change the Earth’s climate permanently, it can also change on its own, but temporary, like a volcanic eruption. The change of weather can also cause natural disasters that are responsible for many deaths and damages, because of that crops and animals habitats get
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