Essay On Exotic Pets

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Exotic pets? Believe it or not many people in this world have actually been determined into having these species as pets. But is it safe? The answer to that question is pretty obvious… No. These type of animals are very dangerous to take care of and require a lot of responsibility. First of all, just like us, animals also mature. In addition, They can cause many dangers and diseases. FInally, many are not responsible enough to take care of another living species. We all know that each of us have stages in life. Such as going from a baby to a toddler to a kid. Well animals also too, and as they grow they also get stronger. An excerpt from,”Do you Really Want A Baby Tiger?” published by Mia Lewis states,”Most people who own exotic pets find them irresistible—and manageable—when they are small. But an adorable cub becomes a powerful adult soon enough. Many exotic animals are strong enough to be dangerous even without meaning to cause harm. An adult animal is also likely to be aggressive and have more difficult behaviors…show more content…
This can all have a great impact onto a owner’s health, especially if s/he is not properly informed. Besides many vaccines are going to be needed if you are planning on living a life with these types of animals. An extract from ”Do you Really Want A Baby Tiger?” written by MIa lewis affirms that, “It’s not just big cats, poisonous snakes,and chimpanzees that can be harmful—even smaller exotic pets can cause serious injuries. Exotic pets can also spread diseases to humans. In addition, many exotic pets end up on the loose in the wild. (Owners who find their fully-grown pets unmanageable sometimes release them.) Out on their own, these exotic animals can be a further danger to the public, and even to the environment.” This notation was able to explain that an exotic animal does not have to be massive to cause great harm. In fact also small exotic ones can cause a great catastrophe as
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