Speech On Fear Of Fear

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“Always do what you are afraid to do.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Does fear stop you from becoming your best? Is fear an obstacle to building on your strengths? Our fear of weaknesses can overshadow our confidence in our strengths. Our fear of failure can stop us from giving our all. The ultimate fear that can hold us back is fear of who we really are.

I find that sometimes the most important growth is painful. One of my mentors has a saying for this "… that’s what growth feels like." I’m in a challenging environment and I see people fail all the time. In fact, when people aren’t failing, they aren’t trying hard enough. There is no failure, only lessons. Sometimes the most difficult lesson is when somebody finds out they aren’t cut out
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Clifton, Ph.D., teach us about the fears that limit your potential.

Key Take Aways

Here are my key take aways:

Fear can hold you back. Fear of weakness, fear of failure, and fear of who you are hold you back from becoming your best.
Improving weaknesses doesn’t make you great. Investing in your weaknesses is not the path to greatness. Fixing your weaknesses only limits your failure, it doesn’t improve your success.
Strengths are the path to greatness. Shift from a weakness orientation to a strengths orientation. The secret to improvement lies in understanding your strengths. When you follow your strengths and you fail, it might be the wrong time, or the wrong place, or just the start of your journey.
Leverage and lead with your strengths. Accept your weak points as is, leverage and lead with your strengths. Unless you have significant liabilities, in which case, work on your weaknesses but that isn’t enough, it’s more important to find where your strengths work.
3 Fears that Can Hold You Back

According to Buckingham and Clifton, the three fears that hold you back are:

Fear of weaknesses
Fear of failure
Fear of who you are
Fear of
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