Essay On Female Circumcision

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causing bleeding and infection. Female circumcision is a tradition in their community. It is for keeping the chastity of their girls, lowering their sexual drive and for keeping them under control. An expert person who does female circumcision with 10-12 patients a day said that it is tradition and difficult to abandon also because it is her profession and her source of income. Although, with another source of income she said she would abandon the practice. The midwife was able to reduce marital mortality by empowering women that they have a choice.
In India, Nick together with his team discovered about the biggest trafficking and prostitution in a certain area. We have to bring the victims out of the margins. Get the people to listen. India
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People find it hard to start their own businesses because criminals extort large amounts of money. The people have poor education and instead resort themselves to alcohol. Jamii Bora, an organization, helps get people out of poverty. To be able to do that, you must deal with every aspect of their life. The men have a distant relationship with their kids. And so, the kids are left with the mother. For breakfast, they only have tea. Men buy soda while women buy milk for their children. The hardworking women are the breadwinners; the husbands are portrayed as useless. The mothers are the key to getting the family out of poverty because they do everything for their children. Wealth for them is seeing their young ones go to school. Jane, a business owner, became a commercial sex worker before to provide for her family. She has now risen from that terrible nightmare and is happily living her life with her kids. She is provided with enough materials to make clothes for her business. With the tuition fees of her children, her solution is fasting. It means eating less to save more money. Caroline, her eldest daughter, is 19 and joins college for social work. Anthony, her second, is in first year high school and also ranks 1st in his class out of 138 students. Cynthia, her third, ranks 2nd in her school and was just announced as deputy head girl. Moses, her last, ranks 3rd in
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