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Plants and animals are the core sources of food ,which mankind rely on for food every day, in a large scale for instance fruit , vegetables, cereals, pulses, and vegetable oils , generally accompanied by an adequate of quantity of animal source . In these cases , human should ensure food safety without any infection or contamination. Therefore, who will we guarantee the safety of the food ? Over the last three decades, countries have been considerably promoting ohe awareness in "Food Safety'' due to the fact that there has been significantly higher number of epidemic diseases which have emerged around the world such as cancer. The different kinds of cancer are related to eating unsafe food like chronic exposure to chemicals. So from these…show more content…
This court ruling made a substantial development in the evolution of food safety policy for meats and poultry. The federal government has adopted new access and set contemporary kinds of safety standards for meat. Nevertheless these reactions have been controversial with both industry and consumers. How the disputes over setting and enforcing food safety standards are resolved will have important consequences for the food industry, food costs, and public health. None the less, in the present day food safety is receiving considerable public attention for several reasons. First of all, there is rapidly progress in science every day, which can trace many food-borne illnesses to specific pathogens in food. Furthermore, customers are calling for higher levels of quality and safety that contribute consumers less control. More importantly," the economic rationale for governmental involvement in food safety is clear". It is challenge for customers to detect food hazards at the time of buying. Majority of food-borne hazards are not easily detectable, meanwhile consumers commerce food in restaurants or greengrocery stores. for instance residues from pesticides or drugs and microbial pathogens. Even a dangerous disease could be hard to detect to an exact source, if the disease take place several days afterwards consumption. Owing to the fact that massive of hazards can come in the food of anywhere from field to table, as can raise or dwindle once present. In some cases food manufacturer can not be capable to classify risk or guarantee a safety stander. The markets may fail to provide the correct level of safety that due the lack of information. However, public policies have taken into account these market failure by putting criteria and checking for

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