Speech On Freedom Of Speech And Expression

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…Ensure Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression. Really?

With the increasing number of withdrawal of books, comics and other forms of media items expressing novelty of ideas and opinions, I fear that the Indian mind will disturbingly shrink. Even after the security and freedom carved out for the citizens under the Constitution of India, no political and legal questions arise against those who actually deserve to face the consequences. The ease, with which the Indian state accedes, makes it easier for the enigmatic groups to resort to the courts and shout that they are offended. And the courts have to admit their complaints by virtue of the principles couched under sections 153 A, 292 and 295 A of the Indian Penal Code 1872 (IPC), giving a license to anyone to complain that his or her sentiments are hurt. This is what I would like to call a clash of predicates. How should freedom of speech and expression work in our country?

It should be noticed that no book or other media, ever demolished a mosque or entered a railway station or hotel and killed people; no book ignited and blasted crowded places and looked away from communal violence. Who did all that? People. People who are almost never been able to brought in the court to be tried for their wrongs. Here I agree and empathize with authors like Wendy Doniger (in The Hindus: An Alternative History) and Salman Rushdie (in Satanic Verses), when they posit their views through provocative and inspiring fiction but are faced

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