Speech On Freedom Of Speech

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Today, public policies have become the object of discussions and disagreements all around the world. The importance of the freedom of speech policy is crucial. This public policy unites different nations in order to prevent wars and conflicts that the humanity faces in the recent years more often and often. The relevance of the public policies and their analysis is highly significant in the today 's world, so let’s talk about this public policy more detailed. The “Freedom of speech” is the right to share any information, thoughts or ideas without the risk of been persecuted and punished by the government. Of course, this public policy does not operate efficiently in the several countries in the world, and one such country I will discuss. The idea is that the Russian government prevents from spreading the truth and severely punishes people, who have a different point of view. World democratic community considered freedom of speech and freedom of information as a fundamental human right, which are the foundation of all other rights. Russian Federation, declaring the desire to enter the international community as a full-fledged member, must ensure unconditional fulfillment of their obligations under international human rights law and to pursue policies that maximize efforts to promote free and pluralistic media.
The fundamental law in the Russian Federation is its constitution, which was claimed by the public vote on Dec. 12, 1993. Russian constitution article
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