Essay On Fresh Water

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Fresh Water

"Water is the driving force of all nature” (Leonardo da Vinci) According to the statistic earth has less than 1% clean water left. This is extremely alarming but there is very less awareness. People should be taught to minimize the usage of water as much as possible. There are many countries affected by the shortage of clean drinking water and Iran is one of the most severely affected. In the near future many nations will have to compete for resources.
Crown prince of the oil enriched country U.A.E has alarmed that water is more important for us than oil. Canadian prime minister said that consuming the water the way we have in the past merely will not withstand humanity. Due to climate, geography,
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Let’s summarize facts about the rural areas of India where clean water is already a big issue.
The urban inhabitants of India includes more than 700 million people existing in in about 1.42 million occupations spread over 15 various environmental sections. It is true that providing drinking water to such a huge population is a massive challenge. India is also categorized by non-uniformity in level of sentience, education, dearth, socio-economic development, practices and rites which add to the difficulty of providing water.
Indians are also threatened by waterborne illnesses. 1.5 million children are likely to die of diarrhea only and 73 million working days are misplaced in line to waterborne disease each year. The subsequent economic load is projected at $600 million a year. The harms of chemical pollution is also dominant in India with 1, 95,813 people in the country are affected by poor water quality. The main chemical limits of concern are fluoride and arsenic. Iron is also developing as a major problem with many people showing extra iron in the water
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