Life Of A Humble Person Essay

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Disciplined people always try to make informed decisions. Keep in mind that people are learning a lot from you, but if they can realize that you are not disciplined, they will stop learning and start to regard you as a pretender. Create your own legacy now. Your legacy will live forever and beyond your existence. 5. LIVE A LIFE OF GREATNESS. I believe that you are born amazingly unique and there is greatness in you. People might not see that greatness but you have to live it. The greatness within you will always encourage you to rise against all odds. You have to produce the best results from your own greatness. Though it will not be easy for people to realize your greatness, they ought to benefit from It., You are the best and never allow anything to take that away from you when you come across challenges, ‘When people undermines you’ ‘When they misjudge you, When they tell you that…show more content…
Humble person is more likely to be respected. People see a sense of humor in him. Humble people admit when they are wrong and take responsibility of their own mistakes. They do not intimidate people who they have wronged. They are apologetic most of the times and people respect them for that. (e) BE RESPECTIVELY PRESENTABLE. How you present yourself can make people treat you with disrespect or with respect. This is a reality that people understand better and that is why a lot of people cannot go for an interview scruffy. It is very important that you respect your own brand and always be presentable wherever you are. People normally respect the people who respect themselves. 8. LIVE A LIFE OF GOOD CHOICE. Life is a choice. There are two choices, good and bad. A good choice will benefit you and others. Remember, if you do not make a choice, life will make a choice for you and sometimes it will be a bad choice. It is very much important that you live your life in respect of the good choice that will make your life the

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