Green Sea Turtle Essay

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Green Sea turtles are also called Pacific Green turtles and Black Sea Turtles. Its scientific name is Chelonia mydas. It belongs to the family ‘Cheloniidae’ and genus ‘Chelonia’. This species is found in the seas of tropical and subtropical areas. It has two diverse populations in Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Green sea turtles have flattened bodies which are covered by big carapace. They have two large flippers. Their colors are light but the species that are living in the eastern Pacific, the color of carapace is Black. This species of turtle is Herbivorous. They live near bays and their common food is Seagrass. These turtles lay eggs on beaches. At nights, female turtles come to beaches and lay eggs in the nests. When the eggs hatch,…show more content…
Contribution of IUCN towards the Conservation:
IUCN is also working for the conservation of green sea turtles. IUCN is promoting the use of Turtle Excluder Devices (TED). It is an equipment having bar grids which helps in escaping the turtle that is captured in any net. It is used in the fishing nets in order to minimize the accident catch of sea turtles and other large sea animals.
IUCN also gives information and education about the conservation of green sea turtles and creates capacity building of local people and coastal resource managers to use TED so that the turtles may not be effected during fishing. In this way the fishermen will also be benefited as their nets would not be damaged. Ecotourism would be developed. IUCN is also helping the local people for their education and earning. It also arranged awareness sessions on the use of TEDs for local people and fishermen in the coastal areas.
IUCN is working for the monitoring of the green sea turtles in Pakistan. IUCN has also rescued some turtles through the help of its members. IUCN has made a Strategic Plan for Conservation of Marine Turtles in Pakistan in 2010. This plan was made with the consultation of Dr. Nicolas J. Pilcher of Marine Research Foundation, Malaysia. There are some important points of the plan which are as
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