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Best Balding Clippers Many of us have reasons for opting to shave our head bald. It can be because our hair is thinning or balding, and that the most favorable option is to shave our head bald. It can likewise be due to a pervading sickness or illness, which necessitates us to shave it bald. But it can also be because we just love that exemplar clean look and the convenience it gives. But whatever the reason is, we cannot deny that a bald look is nothing but timeless. It’s one of those looks that would never go out of style. But in order for us to be able to personally shave our hair, of course, we need a hair clipper, not just a hair clipper, but a balding hair clipper, since it has features that are specifically designed for a bald shave.…show more content…
And the best part of this is that, you get to sport an interesting look, which requires little to no maintenance. Plus, it’s also quite comfortable, as no more hair would get tangled on your face, like when you play sports or do strenuous activities. What to consider when buying a new balding hair clipper • Type of Motor Fundamentally, hair clippers make use of three major types of motors: magnetic, pivot, and rotary. These three all have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, if ever you are considering to purchase a new hair clipper, take heed of its pros and cons and evaluate what the power your ideal hair clipper want to have. 1. Magnetic Motor PROS: speedy cutting performance resulting in smooth and even cuts, ideal for dry hair; less expensive than rotary motor CONS: its power is good, but not as excellent as the other two; heavy; noisy 2. Pivot Motor PROS: gives an excellent powerful cutting performance, which is ideal if you have a thick and heavy hair; less expensive than rotary motor; lighter than magnetic motor CONS: its speed is good, but not as excellent as the other

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