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Success is not instant, success is a product of a process of falling and rising. Allow me to say, it is molded by bliss, but again if that is the case then how do we reach that level now that we all fantasize a blissful life. It’s sad to note that we seldom pause to search the source of our happiness yet our ultimate desire is to be happy every day .

It’s very easy at the end of the day to proclaim that it was a beautiful day full of fun but what kind of fun are we looking for? It is important to note that some things that we consider as fun could be destructive and harmful. Is it true that what matters in life is our happiness regardless of its origin? I am asking this because sometimes the source of our elation might emerge from places which are dark or evil and as much as we remain in contact, chances are we shall suffer the consequences. It is essential that before we embrace a concept, we need to assess how it affects our moral, social and psychological wellbeing lest it causes us much pain and anguish.

Let 's consider happiness to be the brimming of affections which radiates positive psychological molecules in our body thus creating contentment and well being in our life. Whereby pleasure could be a factor which surrounds us everywhere, especially these amusements might be acquired by natural resource. Which may cause the durability of our health. Bliss is a very important aspect in our life.

It is the ultimate desire of every living individual to enjoy life

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