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What is happiness?

It's easy to say that you are happy about something. But most of the time, it always dies down so soon and you start a never-ending quest of finding happiness again. And even though you're not aware of it, you're in it to find it as much as I am.

Yes. You have goals, dreams, and things you want to attain in your life, but please do understand that achieving them doesn't necessarily guarantee your happiness. There's a possibility that once you achieve those, you'll only desire for more and it's almost always that case. Once you achieve your current goals, you're only bound to set higher and grander goals until your eyes lose track of the 'now'.

No. There's no certain place, position, time in your life where you will be
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Realize every day how blessed you are. Some people don't even have a family or a job. Others doesn't have food, water or a place to call home, but you have. The most despairing thing is, some even spend hundreds of thousands just to buy oxygen and we breathe it for free. It's really beneath the little things, if you learn the art of appreciating the smallest of things, you will master the art of gratitude and your life will eventually change.

Embrace the bad stuff
Whether you lost your job, or the man you thought was “the one” is now someone else's, or you failed your college application – just learn to embrace it. Grasp on it like it's the most extravagant thing that happened in your life.

You're on your 20s, you have all the freedom to make your own mistakes. Don’t be frightened to fail, lose or struggle. It is fascinating to be bare, it is incredible to have nothing to hold on to, it is marvelous to be in so much agony and it is astounding to have your life fall apart. Why? Because all these can only make you a beautiful person. A strong, brave and compassionate individual. Don’t be disheartened when you go through this, for God has a purpose and He is only redirecting you to hold on to Him, to stand up and hold your head even higher. Don’t be scared, it will pass. Remember, beautiful people do not just happen. They are

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