Speech On Health And Hygiene

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Health & Hygiene

Wash your hands. Brush your teeth. Did you use soap??
Does your morning also start like this??
Personal hygiene is very important and you cannot teach your kids these personal hygiene habits overnight. No ones like to be close to a person who stinks and dirty, so developing these habits takes time and should be handled patiently. So it’s good if you teach your kids these healthy habits when they are young as they last throughout their lives.
Let us begin with a simple story here:

Two, standard Vth students, Rahul and Ravi, caught very bad cold. While Rahul was observed keeping his mouth covered with a handkerchief while sneezing, Ravi was found to be sneezing openly and was not at all carrying a hanky with him.
Also, it was noticed that even though Rahul was using a hanky to cover his nose and mouth, he kept on washing his hands with soap time and being. While on the other hand, Ravi never took care to wash his hands and kept his regular activities as it is. A few days later both Rahul and Ravi recovered. However, a lot of other children in the class now caught cold.
From the above scenario, who do you think might have passed the germs to the fellow students, and why?
Yes right! It’s Ravi who is responsible for spreading the infection, and that is primarily because he was himself not following proper hygiene practices and hence took his as well as other’s heath to risk.

What’s the connection between Health and Hygiene?
Health education
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