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Good and healthy hair is probably the must have thing for a healthy personality. If you are looking for healthy hair please carry on reading this article. Majority of people is careful about having healthy hair and in recent years, many are looking forward to Ayurvedic treatments for hair care. Ayurveda is an easy method with simple things to make your hair healthy, strong and beautiful. You can follow these easy remedies without any specific measures that are sure to work out. We are quite sure that your hair problems will be resolved from inside to make your hair prefect.

1. Hot Oil Massages
There are plenty of choices like coconut oil and almond oil to give your hairs a nice hot oil massage. Being good for improving the blood circulation
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The Special Head Massage (Champi):
In asia, it is named as "Champi" and is considered a wonderful treatment to promote hair growth. It also improves blood circulation to your hair roots, making them stronger. you can easily try champi at home. You just need to pour some oil into a pot and warm it by keeping in hot water. By parting hair, Apply this oil to different parts of your scalp in smaller quantities , move your fingers in a circular motion style, just like you move while you use shampoo. Do this for 10-15 minutes untill your scalp is covered and oil is penetrated into it.

during Champi Massage, just use your palms and gently tap the head while massaging. This will relieve the muscle tension and improve the blood circulation to your hair. Leave your hair for at least an hour and then take bath with warm water. This simple trick soften's your hair as well. Dip a towel in warm water and wrap it around your hair after the Champi massage for best results. For more better, you can do this overnight and take bath at morning. Wrapping of towel all night isn’t needed. So if you want to practice this Champi massage overnight just remove towel wrap after 1
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Improve your Metabolism For Hair Growth
Aloe Vera is such a key ingredient to make your body system clean. It is mostly used for its healthy properties that are good for your general health. Two tablespoons of the latex of the Aloe Vera leaf can be taken as food ingredient if its easier for you. This increases metabolism. Ensuring good bowel movement alongwith metabolism improvement if achieved easily. However, Too much of Aloe Vera could cause troubles as well, like diarrhea and other issues. So, consider an optimum dosage.

4. Rosemary Oil for hair growth
Rosemary Oil for hair growth is also a key thing. This oil works great on your hair and is a widely used natural oil to better hair growth. A Gentle massage with Rosemary oil three times a week improves the nervous system, stops premature graying of hair and reduces hair fall. Using rosemary overnight brings better results.

5. Drink A Plenty of water:

Water is a must have ingredient for the human body. The body functions are better when it is well hydrated. The hormones and enzymes of the human body are producing better results if there is a balanced amount of water inside the body. Doctors also recommend at least 2-3 ltrs of water per day for the body to function well, and also for good hair growth. Make sure you have a healthy diet and a regular intake of all the essential

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