Speech On Hero In Life (Jesus Sosa)

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Title:Hero in life(Jesus Sosa)

Purpose:I want my audience to know who made me a better person.

Thesis Statement/Centeral Idea: What Sosa taught me that made me a better person.

Introduction:ALL RIGHT! LISTEN UP!I am here to tell you whats up!

Preview Statement: Jesus Sosa was the first person that I was introduced to at JJAEP(Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program)," Bootcamp". Today I am going to talk to you about how this man inspired me, motivated me, and taught me self discipline.

What Sosa was and is now: Sosa is a retired ex-marine. Since retirement he has been working as a Drill Sarge and Drill Instructor at boot camp, Sosa has taught me and inspired my belief that "teamwork" is key. He has also shown me that school better
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