Himalayan Tsunami Research Paper

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Himalayan tsunami. Why does so good a God allow such horrendous things to happen? Why does he unleash the tsunamis, tornados, and earthquakes? Is he trying to show us that he is more powerful? OK he is indeed all powerful. Is he not the embodiment of compassion, kindness? Are we So evil that he has decided to punish? Anyways god should have handled this with sensitivity and compassion! If the god is taking revenge he should do it only on evil beings, Why the hardship to innocents, harmless and those who do good and are good also? If he is that powerful why can’t he do something about the problem of evil? Well this is a tough question that I still struggle with for an answer. I have realised that the evil is in every one, you and me and indeed everyone. May he has to be very radical like destroy one and all. May be he is giving a long rope.…show more content…
Recently the floods have devastated the land of gods- The Uttharakhand! The breaking of Kedar Dome and breaching of the Charbari Lake is said to have been the cause of this “Himalayan Tsunami” which devastated the holy town of Kedarnath. After the devastation Nandi who is facing Kedarnathji spoke to his Swami thus: (I am reproducing a dialogue that went on between NANDI and The lord of Kedarnath Shrine! It is highly imaginative, educative and a natural answer that explains the Himalayan KUMBHA- DHRONA
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