Speech On How To Celebrate Your Birthday

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Celebrate your birthday the way you want!
It’s your day! So make the best of it!
Don’t you think that we all are celebrating our birthdays I the same method in every year? Yes, it’s the most special day in the each year for everyone, but common way of celebrations will never give us the real pleasure of the birthday
So let’s think of new ideas on how to celebrate the birthday in a special way!
1. Grab your taste!
Common! It’s your day! Just grab the things you love to eat and enjoy it. Get a break on your diet schedule and spend your money on your favorite foods and sweets.
Trust me, chocolates + cheese burgers + salads + ice cream + coke will make your day awesome!
2. New day = New look
You know, it’s really boring to have the same look and follow the same hair styles and the same clothing way for years and years. Your old jeans and t-shirts, or whatever you wear every day will never let you feel refreshed even on your birthday!
So try get a new look. Have a new hair cut and go shopping, spend some good money on buying things you want to change your look. Trust me! You’ll have a great day with your new look!
3. Yeeeeeh!! It’s a “no work day”
Whatever your profession, or even if you’re a studying for your PHD, keep everything aside and grab your pillow!
Oops, I’m not telling you to be lazy, but just relax! It’s you day girl! You have to enjoy even your sleep.
Even you can book a hotel or any place you like to be. Choose your companions and have a blast! But remember,

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