Speech On Human Overpopulation

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Human Overpopulation


Even though that a bigger population means a bigger economy, having overpopulation will result in joblessness and will end up in a increase of crime. Also, we would be experiencing severe contamination and resource scarcity. Overpopulation is clearly an elephant in a living room, we need to pay more attention to it and try to solve it since it is more than obvious the fact that we are annihilating this planet's resources and life.As we can see, we have been tearing this planet to pieces by exterminating all of the life and exploiting all the resources.

Population Growth

Every single day, thousands of persons are born each day. To be more precise, the population growth during these days is about 74 million per year. We did not had this kind of growth during all of our presence in this planet. However, we have been increasing the population growth after the Black Death in 1350. Nevertheless the most important population growth has been the last 50 years, caused by the advancements in medicine and agriculture. However some countries are trying to limit the population growth and it has been decreasing since the 1980s. One of the biggest and most excessive contributors to the population growth is Sub-Saharan Africa, which concerns the UN. Some estimates indicate that Earth's population capacity is around 4 to
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The resources taken in consideration to know if whether a community is overpopulated or not are: clean water, clean air, food, shelter, warmth and several other resources that support life. When life quality is taken into consideration, extra resources are taken into consideration like: medical care, education, adequate sewage system, water disposal and energy supplies. Overpopulation reduces the availability of this resources, which causes a reduction in life

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