The Importance Of Imagination In Life

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Imagination includes not only what you see, how you see things, and what you expect to see in the world; it also has profound effects upon what you attract, what you manifest, and how you experience the world and everything around you. As a result, how you use imagination on a habitual basis profoundly affects the life you experience and the life that you are creating on a daily basis. Imagination affects the mental filtering process or focus you use as you form your impressions of world. You employ this filter when you picture life and make decisions about what you see. This includes the things that you determine are possible and likely to happen. With such far reaching effects to shape and color our lives it is essential we bring our power…show more content…
They tend to believe events will go well and that life will unfold favorably in all circumstances and conditions, thus teaching and rewarding them. They dream their dreams and expect to acquire them. What baffles many is that they realize and manifest the reality that they have imagined or at the least very similar results. Their dreams actually come to fruition. They appear happy, joyous, and un-fettered. It's baffling to many. These people regularly manifest abundance and success in life much to the dismay of ordinary citizens. There is obviously something they know, understand, and apply that many people don't. Imagination is clearly involved most of the time in what you are thinking about and perceiving. Imagination becomes involved whether you are picturing the future, reliving the past, or formulating plans to more fully be in the present. How you use your imagination will affect the entire outcome and direction of your life. Evaluate yourself to determine whether you are using your imagination to communicate positive, successful, happy, images to yourself? Are you positively influencing the substance and direction of your life? What kind of effect are you producing with your
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