Speech On Importance Of English Grammar

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Teaching English grammar is an essential part of the teaching and learning process in the Bhutanese classroom. The grammar plays vital role in order to acquire writing and speaking skills. The Bhutanese students lack behind in writing and speaking skills. The Bhutanese students’ English marks are low compare to other subjects in the school. The students in the school speak lesser in English than Dzongkha. This is due to lack of basic grammar rules knowledge that the students have. Teaching English grammar will not only equip the students in building the structure of words, clauses, and sentences but also help to deal with the writing essays, letters, poems and stories. The students will find easier to structure the words into sentences whereby they write well in any of the genre. Thus, Teaching and learning English grammar will help the Bhutanese students in listening skills, reading skills, writing skills, and speaking skills.
Firstly, teaching of English grammar in the Bhutanese school help the students to enhance their listening skills. The grammar helps the students to understand the spoken speech. As and when the students understand the spoken language they will listen more to it. If the students of Bhutan are to enhance their listening skills they need to be competent in grammar knowledge. With an ability and knowledge of the grammar, he or she can easily understand the literal and technical meanings of the speaker. On other hand, the speaker too need good grammar

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