Speech On Importance Of Planting Trees In Our Country

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1.3 HOW IS THIS CAMPAIGN HELPFUL FOR THE PEOPLE OF OUR COUNTRY: This campaign was designed to serve the people of our country by disseminating the message regarding importance of planting trees in the easiest way possible through empty water bottles. Its basic aim was to provide a happy environment with fresh air free from pollutants. Following were some of the reasons about how this campaign was helpful for the people of our country: EDUCATING CHILDREN FOR A SAFE FUTURE: The purpose of this campaign was to educate young volunteers i.e: children to play their roles in developing a better society through plantation activities. Children are considered as a future of this nation therefore the campaign aimed to target school going students to develop environment saving skills into them and involve them in beneficial activities. CREATING AWARENESS: This campaign was important to create awareness among the general public about the rising temperatures, global warming, disadvantages of cutting trees and the reasons of why animals and birds are getting extinct at a fast rate. All these factors contributed towards encouragement for planting trees, understanding their benefits and considering them an important element of our society. PROMOTING A HEALTHY AND ECO-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT: ‘Saving nature’ supports a healthy and eco-friendly environment suitable for all living beings. It encourages our people to lead a happy life, focuses on healthy activities and. promotes planting trees.

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