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Have you ever heard of recycling? Have you ever recycled anything before? Or bought anything that is recycled? People nowadays argue about the importance and the benefits of recycling, some people agree that recycling is important and has a lot of benefits and the believe that recycling helps to reduces global worming, saves energy m reduces the amount of landfills According to Wikipedia "Recycling is a process to convert waste materials into reusable material to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. Every day we dispose tons and tons of garbage and the amount of waste we create is constantly increasing, so we should act quickly. The population is increasing and that means more waste, and that 's effecting on our environment for the long-term. If we really want to keep this planet for the next generation we have to take care of it, and one of the very useful ways is recycling because it has I huge…show more content…
According to Wilson (2010) how much energy is saved depends on the material itself. With very energy-concentrated materials such as aluminum and copper, an astonishing amount is conserved as the new materials need so much energy to be produced. Recycling one ton of aluminum cans saves energy equivalent to 36 barrels of oil, whereas for copper; one ton of wire will parallel to 14 barrels. The author also suggests that by raising the US’ recycling rate up to 35% the nations total savings would increase by an amount almost equivalent to 41 million barrels of crude oil. In addition, the production of copper usually creates bad water pollution as it is often produced from open-mit mines. Also, Americans use an average of 730 tons of paper each year, and a ton of virgin paper requires about 20 trees to make. The research above not only indicates that recycling helps conserve phenomenal amounts of energy, but at the same time it aids in maintaining natural resources and reduces

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