Speech On Importance Of Sex Education

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Do you know the importance of sex education? Sex education has many information it doesn’t only tell you how you should have sex, but how you can have protective sex. Sex education teaches you many things that can be very helpful for you. It also teaches you about birth control and how to prevent diseases. Sex education has many clear points. The fact that it helps young people to make better choices is a win. Sex Ed can have many droughts but as you learn you’ll answer all the questions you have. To begin with teens, need to know about the risks they are in protective and unprotected Sex. Therefore, they should learn about Sex Ed. That might be your first questions. Well talking about sex to teens is not a bad idea. You are warning them about the consequences that sex would bring to them. Also teaching young men that if they become sexually active it will rearrange their lives forever. According to “Peter De Witt” about 40% of young people already experience sex by the time they talk to their parents. By this time they already committed unprotected sex which can cause unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. This is why we should encourage more people to go into schools and give them sexual education classes. Help them get the idea that sex is not only sex that there are many consequences that come with it. Additionally, sex is a sensitive and important topic that needs to be talked about because all teens are bound to have sex at one point in the time.

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