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The ocean is a vast place, a world on its own. There are several mysteries hidden deep within its expanses, waiting for you to explore them. But for those who prefer watching the waves of the ocean bump against the rocks, while standing atop a deck with a glass of wine in your hand, then you know it is time for you to head to the port! There are several cruises in India that you can take with your family, friends or your partner for an experience that the only luxury knows of!

We bring to you 10 famous cruise trips that would make you say, “Cruise for life!” here goes-

1. Kerala Backwater Cruise

It goes without saying that Kerala is one of the best destinations for anyone who seeks tranquility in the backwaters of this peaceful tourist location. There are
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Mangalore Cruise Destination

Mangalore Cruise | AHA Taxis

The lesser known, equally beautiful version of Kerala, Mangalore offers you luxury cruises that could simply take your breath away! The location is an all-time favourite for cruise lovers, as it is a perfect and unique combination of Sea Rivers and jungle cruises, something you don’t see every day! The long cruise is a perfect idea for a quick getaway and the chance to explore the mysterious beauty and charm of the oceans beyond!

10. Goa Cruise Destination

Goa Cruise | AHA Taxis

You know you love Goa, who doesn’t? The popular tourist destination is also famous and well known for the different cruises that they offer; known otherwise as the Cunard Line and Princess Cruises. So far, not many have explored the cruise and are yet to embark on a fun journey along the rivers of this amazing beach spot!

So all those who are all willing to go roll with the waves of the seas, these are the cruises to be on. We advise you that before you get packing with your bags do make sure that you do not have sea sickness otherwise your entire trip would be spoilt. And, for your convenient and safe journey (till the port of course!) book a taxi from AHA

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