Speech On Lack Of Confidence

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INTRODUCTION: Confidence is knowing what you are good in the value and acting in that manner that tells you to others.
Today is our biggest mistake confidence is about public speaking. But this largely about personality. Confidence is key concept in economics.
Different theories have been presented on confidence. It is said that confidence is natural gift by God. But in reality It’s not true , it can build up through focusing and handling different factors in a positive way to build it.
Confidence has great importance for all aspect of young generation especially for the success. If someone is more confident at work it means more promotions. A lot of researchers have been conducted by different universities
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In young generation confidence is a very important parameter for measuring there hiddenabilities and skills.These people controlling the person may be their parents, school or institution, boss or company. Lack of confidence brings lack of achievements.
Confidence comes from within you. Motivation of doing anything in this world comes from inside. Young generation is the life blood of any country. If the young generation is more confident it will play vital role in country development. They can do risky tasks and can meet the standard of globalization. They can explore more creative works and can take initiative and perform their duties more efficiently.
The purpose to conduct the research is that which factors greatly influence the confidence in young generation and researcher want to know the relationship between factors and confidence. It would be helpful especially for youngsters to boost their confidence level. They can perform their duties more effectively. It helps youngsters deal with challenges in
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The purpose of this report is to check that what factors influence the confidence of elementary teachers in teaching science. They conduct survey of 28 pre-service elementary teachers to know that what they think about confidence contribution toward science. They used median values analysis technique. Devadoss.R (2014) studied The Key Factors Affecting Business Confidence. The purposes of this study to examine the factors influence the confidence of business for the Asia Pacific region. He conduct a survey of 326 business leaders across the world, that provide the management should deals with critical success factors. He used percentage of factors influencing confidence and shows it in graphs. He found that coming year for Asia Pacific is bright and business leader will remain confident in any situation and there will be limited chance for them to raise
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