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Good morning Mrs Piridez and class today I will be speaking to you about the Novel ‘Life of Pi.’ Life of Pi was written by Yann Martel in Canada in the late 1990’s. It was first published in 2002 by Canongrate books.
Point of view: The introductory authors note Is written in first person as he explains how he came to write about a boy named Pi Patel whose story we are about to read. Part 1 and two of the book are told is told in first person by Pi himself. Part three is written mainly as a transcript between Pi and two officials, with inserts of first person comments from the author.
At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to a sixteen year old boy named Piscine Molitor Pi for short. Pi reflects from an older age on his high school and college life in Toronto and even further back into his childhood growing up in Pondichery. It is revealed that Pi has had to endure great suffering and has found solace in zoology and religious practices. We learn that his father once ran a Pondichery zoo teaching him and his brother, ravi, about the dangerous nature of wild animals by feeding a goat to a tiger. Pi, who was brought up as a Hindu, discovers Christianity and then Islam and begins to practice the three different religions simultaneously. Pi’s parents decide to move to Canada and set sail in cargo
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They stay here for a while, exploring the island during the day and sleeping on the boat at night. Pi discovers a huge colony of meerkat type creatures that sleep in the trees of the island at night. Pi finds human teeth in one of the trees and discovers that the island becomes acidic at night and essentially eats things. Pi decides that he needs to leave the island and he and Richard Parker head back out to sea eventually washing ashore on the Mexican Coast. Richard Parker runs of into a nearby forest and villagers who discover Pi take him to a nearby

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