Speech On Littering

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Today, the biggest problem that our environments face is litter. The more we litter, the more it becomes a habit and it destroy our environment. Many people don’t care about their little mistake can affect their whole environment. Government spends lot of money just to clean up the litter that many people tossed out on the public areas without thinking how bad it is. If anyone thinks about the effects of litter, imaging how much money could be saved and used for more important services. I did a small survey about litter and asked two parents who have a preschool child and two teachers who are teaching preschool. I send a questionnaire through Facebook to all who are from Thulusdhoo.
From my survey I got similar answers when I asked what Litter is. Litter is a piece of waste that throws improperly to anywhere they want. People have
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Two people think they do because they see their adults do and the other two people thinks they are not well aware about littering and its affects that face our environment. I also believe children do littering mainly because of these two reasons. Children should be taught to put throw littering to bin from their preschool and as well as in their home so they will know it is not a good thing to do. If they started from this age surely they will learn to stop littering when they become adult. Firstly, adults have to stop this, especially in front of children. When a child see this their small mind couldn’t think how bad littering is. As a child considers adults are their role models and they are more like coping things from them. For example, in most of the house and schools, adults will tell the child put rubbish into the trash otherwise the place will be not clean. But when they go outside, they do litter like throwing a bottle in front of their child. So this is a very negative impact for a
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