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Top 10 Best Longboard Skateboard Trucks 2016 Today, I am going to talk everything about Best Longboard Trucks. As you love riding a longboard, then you must be aware of what powers your longboard to make those sharp turns so smoothly. It is the wheels and the trucks that you use in your ride. Can you identify the best longboards trucks for your ride? Whether you are looking for the best skateboard trucks or best longboard trucks, you must know what's best for you! Before I pick my favorite Best Longboard Trucks for your evaluation, we see what are trucks and why are they so important. So, keep on reading. What are Best Longboard Trucks? It's the T-shaped metal gear that keeps the wheels and bearings securely attached to your longboard deck.…show more content…
c) High profile – Such trucks are useful for cruiser boards with 56mm or bigger wheels. How to Choose the Best Trucks for your longboard and skateboard? Understanding the general thumb rule of choosing the best trucks for your longboard can simply ease the entire process. For example, a truck with wide hanger provides you stability and better control over your ride. Again a narrow and tight truck would give you maneuverability and ease to take sharp turns. The same goes with the baseplate angle of the trucks. Higher the angle easier to make the tight turns while lower the angle better would be the stability and control. There are different ways to evaluate the truck, a. Choosing the Right Truck Width The best way to pick the best longboard trucks for cruising and sliding is to choose one which is closer to the width of your ride's deck. Narrow deck – the best longboard trucks for cruising purpose would be 150mm ones. Suck cruiser boards are less than 8.5-inch wide. Wide deck – Ideally the carving longboards range between 8.5-inch to 10.5-inch or more in width. The best longboard trucks for carving should be 180mm…show more content…
With the kicktail, the standard kingpin style makes the best longboard trucks for cruising. They are low and thus more stable. c. Choosing the Right Trucks According to Your Riding Style Best trucks for cruising and carving – For cruising and carving, low trucks with reverse-kingpin are ideal. They offer great maneuverability and flexibility. Best longboard trucks for freeriding – Freeriding and longboarding dance includes several routines, tricks and high-speed. For these styles, the truck must be stable and able to turn quickly. Although the RKP generally comes with a high profile, its maneuverability is counted as an advantage for these styles. Best longboard trucks for downhill riding – Stability is a first and foremost thing a downhill rider looks for. For this reason, many skaters choose standard trucks rather than RKP trucks that are lower to the ground and bob little at a high-speed. 5 Top Favorites for Best Longboard Trucks  Caliber II Fifty Trucks

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