Speech On Losing Your Smile

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Take Back Your Smile by Getting Dentures

“The world always looks brighter from behind a smile,” and so the adage goes. Ah, smiling. It is a way of sending positive vibes not just to the people you meet, but also to everyone who has you within their range of vision. What’s in a smile? Many things: a warm wish, an encouragement, a kind expression, a general feeling of goodwill. When you see someone giving you a genuine smile, you cannot help but smile back. Smiling generates joy by stimulating the brain to feel pleasure, creating a positive loop. When you are happy, you smile. The more you smile, the happier you become.

Why Smile?

Aside from generating a feeling of pleasure and happiness, smiling can bring many other benefits. Your smile can serve as your biggest social asset. When you smile, you appear more confident and relaxed, attracting more people toward you. When you smile, you increase your chances of making friends and finding that person you want to build a healthy romantic relationship with.

Your smile also has the power to make you succeed in your professional life. Career success depends a great deal on how you build and maintain relationships with the people you work for and with, so your smile (or the lack of it) can be a determiner of how successful you will become.

Losing Your Smile

But how do you smile when you do not feel very confident about the state of your teeth? If you are like some adults, then you are probably unhappy with the way you

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