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For most of us in the media and entertainment industry, we choose this profession because we are excited by the possibility of telling a great story that has not been told before. We are acutely aware of the important role of media in influencing minds and shaping narratives. We know too that we can help shape the story of an old civilization and a young country engaging with each other to craft an exciting new India. The audience for our stories is growing. Our ability to attract exciting talent into industry continues. Our interest in the world and world's interest in us, is translating to compelling new relationships and alliances. All of these have translated to robust growth in each sector of media industry.
To channelize this enormous
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This unique character of the media, the study of the management of media enterprises, institutions, and personnel evolved quite naturally over time. Today, media management is a global phenomenon.

The Media Industry is a dynamic framework of a modern infrastructure that will engage new audiences across the country through the medium of story formats. Media is everywhere and is in reach to the audiences across through the medium of Cable, satellite, fixed and telecommunication networks, and digital and analogue theatre systems. Because of the exposure of the media there will be new consumption habits and behaviours. There will be many devices which will go obsolete and new ones will find their place which will facilitate the emergence of new winners in the market. From the above we can conclude that the power will continue to lie in the ability to manage these changes
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Even the scholars from different discipline interpret management in different ways. Economists consider management as resources, Bureaucrats looks upon it as a system and the Sociologist considers managers are those who belong to higher class.
The significance of mass media in contemporary society cannot be ignored especially in the field of politics, culture, social life and economics. Politics has always been topic for debate and mass media acts as a platform for it. Discussions and debates based on policies, facts, agenda of government, election poll and results etc are carried on in channels.
Mass media is the primary source to represent cultural expression and primary source of images of social reality and for forming social identity.
Media have influences people enormous way in particular psychological thinking of a person. This behaviour of media had led to the start of educational programs, researches and etc. Here, management plays a vital role to cater to the needs of the large audiences and serve the economy has a

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