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Medical waste is a serious problem that can bring very bad consequences for people’s health.
However, despite the negative effects it may have, people aren’t aware of the importance of this problem. Medical waste is a group of materials that have been in contact with fluids, blood and other substances from ill patients. Therefore, they may be contaminated with infectious diseases. This waste is usually generated in hospitals, blood banks, dental offices, veterinary clinics, laboratories…
Although 85% of the generated substances aren’t dangerous, 15% of these medical materials are toxic and infectious, so they require a special treatment.
There are many different types of medical waste, but the most common examples are: Pathological Waste (corpses, body parts, organs or human fluids), Pharmaceuticals (expired drugs and vaccines), sharp objects (scalpels, blades and needles), some chemical substances (solvents or disinfectants) and radioactive waste, such as radiotherapy treatments for cancer patients. In addition to affecting people 's health, the tons of waste generated by hospitals each week are really harmful to the environment. In many underdeveloped countries, this problem is getting worse as a result of the bad hygiene conditions. If this issue isn’t solved soon, millions of people will be infected by medical waste in the next few years.

Hundreds of years ago, medical waste wasn’t controlled, so many people died during surgeries. Most diseases were caused by using

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