Medical Waste: Harmful Consequences Of Health

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Medical waste is a serious problem that can bring very bad consequences for people’s health. However, despite the negative effects it may have, people aren’t aware of the importance of this problem. Medical waste is a group of materials that have been in contact with fluids, blood and other substances from ill patients. Therefore, they may be contaminated with infectious diseases. This waste is usually generated in hospitals, blood banks, dental offices, veterinary clinics, laboratories… Although 85% of the generated substances aren’t dangerous, 15% of these medical materials are toxic and infectious, so they require a special treatment. There are many different types of medical waste, but the most common examples are: Pathological Waste (corpses,…show more content…
Sometimes, doctors use contaminated equipment, so patients are infected by dangerous pathogens. In addition, the lack of economic resources and the current government’s mismanagement are some of the reasons why this problem still exists today. Medical waste has harmful consequences. The main effect of this problem is the contagion of different infectious diseases. Many people can get poisoned or injured as a result of hygiene issues. Infected equipment causes 40% of Hepatitis B cases, and, at the same time, 3% of HIV patients are infected by contaminated materials. This problem also has negative effects on the environment. People can get sick from drinking water since it is contaminated by some medical materials and chemical substances. Besides, when the infected equipment is incinerated, noxious gases and pollutants are released. Therefore, medical waste can produce air pollution. As a result, these gases can produce acid rain, which affects cities, vegetation and people. Modern incineration plants have reduced the amount of injurious gas emissions. However, these machines spend a lot of energy, and they are only located in some developed countries. In addition, a big hospital produces almost a ton of waste per day, so the number of landfills is…show more content…
These objects could be replaced by a safer equipment. I think radioactive substances should be buried underground. It might help to prevent dangerous radiations and diseases. These harmful materials could also be returned to the nuclear power plant where they come from. Another solution is to disinfect medical equipment with organic liquids. These special substances haven’t got any chemicals. Therefore, they wouldn’t affect the environment. A possible solution is to create waste collection systems in some underdeveloped countries. In my opinion, incineration is a bad solution, since this method produces many noxious gases that can be very injurious to the atmosphere. In addition, pathogens aren’t completely destroyed. We must try to stop this problem as soon as possible. People should be aware of the importance of medical waste, and many hospitals and institutions should cooperate with environmental organizations in order to solve this serious problem. In some underdeveloped countries, the situation is getting worse. Doctors can save people, but medical waste can kill

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