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Do you own a pet of some feline origin? Or shall we say do you own a cat? You might notice some disturbing things that your pet may possess or act. Well, does it affect you? If yes, then you are on the right page. The only thing usually that may disrupt a pet owner’s mind from their usual hustles and bustles will be their cat’s stare. What is really in a cat’s stare? Let us find out.
• Cats are dominant in nature.
The feline family does get physical when it comes to aiming for control over another. Just imagine lions and tigers of the jungle. No wonder the lion is hailed as king of the jungle. Blame the dominance trait. The domestic cat has that trait, too. Though the kind may be a lot smaller than the jungle felines, hey, they must not be belittled. Your pet may be for the house but they must be treated with careful attention. Animals are after all, animals. Though they have been domesticated, their hunter instincts are still there, resting and ready to wake up whenever something or someone hits the alarm.
• Your cat is hungry.
This may be one of the reasons why your kitty would occasionally stare at you. It is the right time to stop being a thoughtless pet boss. You may tend to notice this behavior in your home feline. Try to observe. When you notice your pet’s stare for minutes, try to give some food. If she accepts it every time you’ll notice the stare, then it is nonetheless an indication of your kitty’s signal for hunger. The cat’s trying

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