Summary Of Oprah's Speech

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Oprah starts off her speech by bringing up the time when she was a little girl watching the 36th annual Academy Awards. She tells us when it happened which was in 1964. She tells that that while she was watching the Academy Awards she was sitting on the floor in her mother's house. Oprah tells us what type of floor it was and I believe that she tells us this so that we can get imagine in our heads. She watched as Anne Bancroft presented an oscar to the winner who was Sidney Poitier. Sidney wore a white tie and Oprah described his as the most elegant man she had ever seen. It was a very important moment for her to watch Sidney being celebrated. What this is telling me is that back then there weren't many black people going up and receiving award like that. That's why that moment is so special to her. Oprah’s mother helped clean other people's houses and in class we inferred that they do not have much money at this point. In 1982 Sidney…show more content…
Im very confused with what the word siege means, i tried to look up the definition but i'm not quite sure i completely understand it. There are many rumors about a lot of things but the only thing keeping us sane is the truth. You should always speak the truth no matter what. The people there are celebrated for the stories that they told. They became the story and this story affects not only the entertainment industry but also culture, geography, race, religion and so much more. Oprah wanted to show her gratitude toward the women who have endured assault and abuse because no matter what circumstances they went through they still got up and provided for their family and themselves. They like everyone else had dreams and some people pursue them no matter what. Not everyone comes forward and tells their story or maybe they did but its not able to reach everyone's ears. We might never know their names but just know that they are among
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