Speech On Optimism In Life

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The understanding and adoption of optimism into my life had the most profound impact than any other experience. One of the toughest things in life is staying determined when everything else around you falls apart. Good and bad things always happen simultaneously in life and it is important to overlook the negative, and focus on the positive. If I fall on my face tripping on my own foot, I would be happy that no one saw me. I have to believe that no matter what happened it can only get better from that point on. So then, I would also be happy that I have a decent reason to go back home, and to be late for class. I would always rather have my glass of water be half-full than half-empty. I would much rather be happy than bitter. I see life as a win or lose situation, and I can be furious all the time and have no fun, or, be elated all the time and live life with joy and without any regrets. Although I am only 17 years old my life had been rough at times. I’d gotten 5 injuries within a four-year period. Entering the most stressful years of school I started with an…show more content…
It was very hard to find something positive about losing my best friend, because of my own mistakes. However, no matter what happened I knew we would always be friends again. Optimism is a practice, not a skill. Being optimistic is sometimes difficult, and I do not expect to be optimistic all the time and never have anything bad happen to me. There are many future obstacles ahead of me, like going to college and paying my own bills, and I don’t expect myself to be looking on the bright side for all of those hardships. Many negative experiences have happened throughout my life, but I choose to laugh it off and try to enjoy everyday. I would say overall, my life has been a glass that is half-full. I believe in being optimistic. I look at everything with unbounded possibility and I know that when I smile, the world smiles back. Stay positive and love your
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