Informative Essay On Organic Food

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Organic Food. It is the thing we’ve been drinking eating for decades but when does it stop. It might. If we don’t take our asses and eat some organic food we could be looking at a foodless future. And i understand that it’s not cheap. I think that too. That’s a really big problem in all this. But I’m not against organic food and I’m not with it im between those two. In Sweden we have a couple of logos for what’s organic and not you would be surprised of how many we have and here’s my part on it. I’m not going to be backing one or other im going to be describing some things. Why? Why would I write about Organic foods when there is so much more to write about? Well, I have a good interest in food so that is why I chose to write about the agriculture and the history of organic foods. Most food today is organic. Bananas which are organic protects the rainforest. What is a organic banana. It’s followed by a couple of rules that a normal company…show more content…
But i also think that it’s good too care about the future because later we’ll maybe not have a chance so Organic food it’s approved in a foody way but i don’t like that it costs so damn much. If they really want to stay i think they should lower the price. But it’s still good for health. I would like to have good skin but i don’t have the money to go buy some stuff. For example i like oatmeal but half of the foods i like isn’t healthy and that’s going to be something you can’t stop. Whatever you do people are still going to be eating normal foods. It’s like bullying, killing and more. You can decrease it it but not stop it. In my opinion i don’t like organic foods because the only thing. I see i unnecessary things. We may not agree but i don’t like organic foods. People have survived long enough. Actually, the rate of people dying early is increasing. Fodd is not bad if you don’t use organic either. I’ve created dishes without any ecological or organic products
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