Panacea Informative Speech

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What kind of people will get cancer? Remember the panacea for cancer treatment!

Now more and more people have cancer, although the science and technology is developed, but the treatment of cancer is not much progress, most cancer patients after radiotherapy chemotherapy, and ultimately because of the proliferation or metastasis of cancer cells, and in pain Died in. So, the treatment of cancer, in the end, there is no panacea it?

Now, this ever-changing society, everyone is faced with changes and pressures, high prices, the work of the work, a dazzling array of goods to stimulate people's desire to consume, it is difficult to farming people, sunrise and sunset rest. Over the past few thousand years, people are often due to the wind and cold heat wet heat
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So, the treatment of cancer, in the end, there is no panacea it? Of course! Before introducing this panacea, the first thing to figure out is: What is the cause of cancer? May someone says that the root cause is also used to find it? Is not it right? Got the stomach cancer is the stomach long cancer cells, got lung cancer is a malignant tumor on the lung; perhaps also said that cancer is because of improper diet, lifestyle and so on. In fact, these are not the real root cause, leading to the root causes of cancer, is a person's wrong thoughts, emotions, heart and so on! This view is that we have repeatedly talked about the previous article "life sick" the. In so many years, as long as the other person mentioned that someone had some kind of cancer or other evil, I can quickly determine the person's mind, character, and performance in life, etc. And so on, never forget one, often make the other side was very

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