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Parent-child relationships are a lot like riding a bike. A parent is there in the beginning holding on and teaching, and then as the child gets better they let go and the child is on their own. Throughout life, everyone has some form of parent-child relationship, whether it is through biological parents, adoptive parents, or guardianship. From the first few years, to teenage years, and then to adulthood the relationship between children and their parents will change significantly.
In a person’s first months of life, they depend on their parents substantially. A baby relies on his or her mom and dad for everything. From food and comfort to diaper changes. At this point in a baby’s life, the parent-child relationship is strong The baby has its full trust in the parents and hopefully the parent trusts the baby’s needs as well. As a baby gets older, they depend a little less on their parents but they still need almost constant watch. A toddler will still need help getting food but at this point, they may be able to use the bathroom on their own or with little assistance. Toddlers would be about two to four years old and still think their parents are the greatest heroes in the world. I believe this strong relationship is the reason children cry when a babysitter comes over to watch them. They only trust their parents and get scared around new people. At this age and for a few more years to come the parent-child relationship is strong and the child looks up to the parents.


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