Speech On Peace Education

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Introduction: Despite tremendous advances in science and technology the new millennium has witnessed violence, terrorism, wars and conflicts all over the world. The human miseries and pain were always there in the history of mankind, only their nature changed with the period of time. Today, on one hand human civilization has reached the apex of material development due to techno- scientific progress and on the other, human society has become a victim of war and weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, environmental destruction, population menace, poverty, food and hunger, illiteracy, over politicization of civil society, globalization, moral decay of human being and consequent psycho- physical diseases. As the world is shrinking today to a global village on one hand, on the other hand there is a growing intolerance, violence, race, caste, creed, sex discrimination and fanaticism. There is no denying fact that crime has also become globalised. This condition has stressed the need of peace education. Peace education is a relatively new concept. The main aim of peace education is not the abolition of war, but is to cultivate respect and peaceful co-existence. Imparting peace education is not the sole responsibility of the school, but the society and the parents also play an important role in this regard. Especially, the mother is an important pillar of imparting peace education. Mother is the first person who teaches a child values, morals and ethics that are needed to develop
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