Speech On Peer Pressure

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Almost everyone has experienced peer pressure at least once in their lifetime,either on a small scale or a large one, in a positive or a negative way. Peer pressure is simply when someone gets you to do something. It is quite easy to get influenced by peer pressure (especially in the teenage years) because everyone wants to fit in and not be left out. Teens sometimes give into peer pressure by doing risky things. Correct friends -are more likely to- play more safe decisions in general. People, usually teens, tend to hang out with other teens with a few similarities ,for example, a study by researchers at the Columbia University proclaims that teens are six times more likely to have had a drink if their friends often drink alcohol. So, if there…show more content…
Honestly, everybody does. Often you may hear parents or elders talking about peer pressure, to be exact direct and indirect peer pressure. Direct peer pressure is when you are asked with a question on the spot, for example “most of us are going to skip school today, come join us”, this is a statement which a peer asks another peer and is waiting for a immediate reply. It is quite hard to get away from direct peer pressure as it is quite common that most of us would say yes or okay. This type of peer pressure -usually- involves direct confrontation, and it is hard for teens to come up with an excuse (on the spot) that others find valid and reasonable. Usually everyone feels quite guilty with whatever decision he or she goes with. Like for example if you say yes, (and agree to skip school) that day, you would feel guilty and crummy you disappointed your parents, but on the other hand if you say no and make up and excuse you could feel left out because all your friends skipped school and you’re the only one here not having fun. Indirect peer pressure can seem as convincing as direct peer pressure. An example of indirect peer pressure is like when a friend of yours keeps on talking about a game that’s phenomenal, and you go buy the game after hearing what he said, means that you just gave into this type of peer pressure. Indirect peer pressure is said to be more common than direct peer pressure as we may not even realise that we gave into peer
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