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"A miserable condition in life is the point at which you meet somebody who implies a ton to you, and lamentably you figure out at last that it was never intended to be and you simply need to give up." How sad and sullen the moment would be for someone to face, when we come on the verge of parting we feel it as a bane, but may be it is a boon. Isn’t it? Basically, our life is loaded with a cocktail of even and odd occasions and minutes. A lot of souls come into our contacts and we react and reciprocate accordingly. Now and then, we come into contact on social and personal levels and a relation blooms and grooms. The thing to notice is that a personal relation matters more because of much outgoing and incoming of interactions, emotions, feelings…show more content…
WHOM TO BLAME? AND UP TO WHAT EXTENT? The harsh reality of our modern and materialistic society is that we are living in a world that is abundantly stuffed with disguised people. There is a world of difference between their practice and promise and their “social-self-presentation and actual-inner-personality”. It keeps us bewildered and irked. It makes us waste our emotional energy in vain. It perturbs us and we lose our mental poise and pray to part soon as the last resort. It happens and unwillingly we experience such situations more often. But should we try to filter and find out the root reasons behind these malicious moments? Here are some points to analyze at length and accept at once: • Usually we don’t filter the relations and let them enter our sphere of existence. The blunder here is that if we blindly believe the words, gestures and exterior of the person involved and we are not clever enough to dig out or scan what type of the person really is from the core of his character, we are certainly going to be between a devil and a deep sea. This is a very awkward situation but very common…show more content…
If the society is “male chauvinistic” like ours, inequality is more operational. In this situation in a relation, one becomes dominant and another recessive, and the gap widens so much that it becomes very hard to bridge or cement a relation. Here I would like to add a very viable quotation on the worth of a relationship- “Associations of various sorts are like sand got a handle on. Held inaccurately, with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hand and press hard to keep it together, the sand streams through your fingers. You may grasp some of it, however most will be spilled. A relationship is like that. Held roughly, with concession and adaptability for the other individual, it is subject to stay set up. Nevertheless hold too solidly, too possessively, and the relationship vanishes and is lost”. If it happens, the vital serum of the relation oozes out and the relation goes dried and dead

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