Perseverance And Success Essay

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Success is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration
Success is combination of many factors. Some say that it is perspiration to bring us success and some say that inspiration is more important. Perspiring without an inspiration would not lead to success because we do not have an innovative idea. With a great idea, but never work with perseverance would not bring success in our life too. Perspiration seems to dominant in word ‘success’ but undoubtedly, they are somehow like in an equilibrium. Both of them are equally important.
The sun was shining down. The smell of fresh apples was reminding students tenderly of another new academic year was going start. John and Peter were rushing back to school with a bag of salami sandwiches. They
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Russell, asking him about the material of making a bandage. ‘Sorry John. I do appreciate you have such an amazing idea. I think you better study hard to improve your overall science result before you want to invent something’ said Mr. Russell. John told Peter not to wait for him after the last lesson as he needed to go the Causeway Bay. Peter had no idea why John was so busy recently, but he did support him no matter what. John got a book called ‘Bandage’ there. He found out that the adhesive sheet of the bandage has been usually a woven fabric, plastic, or latex strip. Many people would have allergies to some of these materials, particularly latex and some adhesives so as Peter. It was because on Peter’s skin, only the area covered by the adhesive sheet was reddish and swollen. The book also mentioned that this allergy may easily cause the wounds infection as bacteria would accumulate nearby. John was so satisfied with what he had found, but he knew it was not enough. He bought all types of bandage available in the market, checking the material and testing the level of degradation and air permeability. He discovered that the level of degradation and air permeability of bandage was highly related to the speed of healing the wounds. Peter’s allergy was probably correlated with
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