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What Are Pests? Pests are organisms that are invasive and damaging to you and your interests. They spread disease, damage properties, and cause nuisance to your livestock; harm your foods as well as ruin your lifestyle. These pests come in the form of insects, plants and animals. However, not all insects, plants and animals are considered pests; some are considered harmless and some are even beneficial to man. Pests are those which: • pass on micro-organisms and parasites which cause you diseases, like the Malaria, Dengue and Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes • raid and eat the vegetables and crops in your garden, like grasshoppers and caterpillars • spoil foods that you have stored, like rats eating rice in your home and contaminating it with their urine • ruin clothing like silverfish which creates holes even in your well-kept clothes • damage buildings like termites which eat the wooden posts in your house and put your roof in danger of crashing down • cause injury to you like bed bugs, which bite you and can cause skin irritation and even infection. Once you notice these pests, you have to take immediate action to control and stop them, before their population increases and they become a menace to you and everyone in your household. What Are The Ways To Control Or Treat Pest Infestation? Controlling the pests is necessary, so that you, your lifestyle, your food, properties and environment are not adversely affected and your health is not endangered. Here are

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